4 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Post Mount Mailbox

When chosen properly, your mailbox can last you years and years. You can also prolong its functionality and appearance when you clean and maintain it properly and regularly.

There will be instances though that a mailbox can easily be damaged because of one reason or another. Even if you work hard to clean and maintain it regularly, certain factors can cause this outdoor fixture to be easily damaged.

If you are planning of getting a new mailbox, you have to be aware of the usual mistakes that can cause this fixture to be easily destroyed so that you will know how to avoid or prevent them and get more from your outlay. Below are the 4 common mistakes to avoid so that you can get more use from your mailbox:

1. Getting a plastic mailbox. If you’re still in the process of shopping for this feature, do not choose one that is made of plastic. They are undoubtedly more affordable but some plastic mailboxes have the tendency to shatter under really harsh weather conditions, particularly under extremely hot and cold temperatures.

2. Installing the feature in the wrong area. A post mounted or freestanding mailbox must be installed in a place where the mail carrier can safely and conveniently deliver the letters. It should be in an area that won’t be damaged by passing vehicles, whether by accident or not. Experts recommend installing it at least 1 ft. from the edge of the road on streets with curbs. In case your home is located on a street without any curbs, increase the distance and make it 2 ft. away from the street. It is important to note that the farther off the road or street this feature sits, the less likelihood it will receive damage.

3. Choosing the wrong post material and failing to install it properly. Wood is a popular material used for posts but they can rot easily and may not withstand the continuous effects of harsh weather conditions. As such, stainless steel is the recommended choice for post material since it is strong and long-lasting. However, you still need to make sure that the stainless steel post is firmly supported in the ground. In addition, during installation, ensure that the mailbox is securely mounted to the post. Also, no matter how strong your post is, do not install 2 mailboxes as their combined weight may be too much for the structure.

4. Failing to inspect the post regularly. Finally, most post mounted mailbox knockdowns happen because the metal post supporting the mailbox has severely rusted. Wooden posts also rot over time and become weak. It is therefore important that you check the posts regularly and perform regular maintenance as well. In case the post already has some signs of damage, repair it or have it fixed by experts. If it is beyond repair, replace the post with a new one immediately.

Source by Jean H Morrison