5 Tips to Increase The Life of Your Split Air Conditioner

We often call professionals that provide industrial electronic repair to get our appliances repaired and our split air conditioner is one of them. Every year thousands of people call to inquire about the electronic parts and services regarding their split AC. Global warming is on a new high and long gone are those days when winters actually used to be long. This has ultimately made us more dependent on our beloved split ACs and the pressure on these sophisticated electronic appliances has all the more increased.

Split Air Conditioner Tips

To ensure the smooth functioning of your split AC you need to take care of its proper maintenance. By following the points given below one can easily add a few more years to their split AC.

1. The filter is a quintessential part of an AC and must be changed every month or after every two months depending upon the use. As the name implies, the air filter filters out the air and separates dirt and pollutants from it. Changing the air filter periodically will ensure that the air you are breathing when the AC is switched on is void of any pollutants. Moreover, it lowers maintenance cost significantly.

2. Just like the filter, AC’s compressor is another important part. It helps to compress low pressure and low volume gas into a high pressure and high temperature gas that’s needed by the AC for its functioning. It also helps to remove vapour from the evaporator so as to maintain a low boiling point. Cleaning the compressor on a regular basis will give you cool and refreshing air for a long period of time.

3. While passing through the air conditioning system the air also passes through the evaporator coil. This coil absorbs all the heat from the air so as to provide cold, fresh air in the space. If you are getting warm air from your AC, there is a high probability that your AC’s evaporator coil might not be functioning properly. Replacing this coil with a new one can certainly improve air flow and its circulation in the home.

4. All air conditioning systems use some sort of refrigerant as a part of their machinery so as to absorb excess heat and contribute in the supply of cold air in the house. However, at some point of time in its life your AC might experience a refrigerant leak. Hence, a reliable company that provides industrial electronic repair solutions regarding air conditioners should be called-in immediately to repair that part.

5. Proper air conditioning maintenance must include regular cleaning of all those air ducts from which the AC is able to provide fresh, cold air. In an air conditioning system, air ducts are generally spread throughout the house so as to keep the entire area cool and pleasant. Hence, the ductwork present in the AC must be cleaned on a regular basis so as to remove all sorts of dust and dirt present on air ducts.

Maintenance cost of both – window and split air conditioner is generally the same, hence it does not matter which AC you use as maintenance is vital for both of them.

Source by Geoff Child