Argenus Review – A Better Air Sanitizer

The Argenus Air Sanitizer system is manufactured by the Hunter Fan Company. Hunter is a well known and trusted company that stands behind their products. Their products are known to be efficient, quiet, and durable.

Now Hunter has manufactured the Argenus Air Sanitizer which is also known as the ‘air sterilizer’. This higher level of technology that Hunter has introduced with the Argenus Air Sanitizer captures and kills airborne germs.

The Argenus uses a highly effective method of a barrier filtration in conjunction with electromagnetic attraction. This dual filtration system attracts and kills better than 99% of airborne germs and allergens. This system used in the Argenus offers air quality unmatched by other air purifiers on the market today.

Treating indoor air eliminates the harmful allergens and pollutants that contribute to unhealthy air quality. The Argenus Air Santizer system is head and shoulders above the competing air purifiers offered by other manufactures such as the Ionic Pro or Ionic Breeze. Ionic Pro Air Sanitizers capture airborne particles but Argenus contains and kills the offending airborne particles for a cleaner, fresher indoor air quality.

Argenus uses unmatched technology to capture and neutralize any size microscopic particles. Using an Argenus Air Sanitizer is also very cost effectiveness. Used on a low speed the Argenus consumes only about the same amount of energy as using a single light bulb for a month. In addition, Hunter stands behind its products and offers a full 5 year warranty with a 30 day money back guarantee.

The Argenus is about 20″ x 20″ in width, stands about 24″ in height, and weights about 35 pounds. The Argenus Air Sanitizer is certified to clean the air in rooms with up to 450 square feet in less than an hour. It is recommended to position the Argenus Air Sanitizer in rooms that are used the most. A second Argenus may be needed for adequate air cleaning if the home is divided into more than one common use area.

The maintenance for the system is easy and convenient. The filter should be changed routinely to offer the highest level of air sterilization. The main filter needs to be changed every one to two years depending on the air quality conditions. The Argenus has a filter indicator that lights up when the filter needs to be checked for replacement. The filter is also color coded for easy filter changes.

There is also another prefilter that is permanent, never requiring to be changed. Keeping the permanent filter clean simply requires vacuuming and then replacing it back in the unit. There is also an indicator when the permanent filter needs to be cleaned, which is usually about every three months. Hunter is currently offering for a limited time free Argenus Core Filter replacements for the life of your system.

Hunter Fan Company has manufactured a quiet, high quality air purification system for improved indoor air quality. The Argenus Air Sanitizer is unlike its competitors by capturing and killing the harmful germs and bacteria that deteriorate air freshness.

Source by Alan Zakon