Daikin MC 707 Air Purifier Review and Numbers Analysis

Daikin is a Japanese company with a United States headquarters in New York City. Daikin focuses on the air conditioning and refrigeration industries, but also carries a single air purifier model, called the Daikin MC 707. This is a hybrid purification system that combines filtration with ionization and photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO). This system costs 34 cents per square foot covered per year and has an MSRP value of $415.00. However, it is not readily for sale in the United States.

Hybrid systems are purifiers that combine passive and active air cleaning technologies. Combining filtration and ionization creates a hybrid air purifier. These systems cost more (on average) than passive filter systems or active purification systems. 34 cents per square foot is not a bad price for this type of air cleaner. It is on the lower end of what hybrid systems generally cost.

You may have heard the saying about becoming the master of nothing when you try to become the master of everything. This is true of hybrid air cleaners. They do a moderate job at cleaning the air and are even able to address multiple categories of air pollution. But they only do it moderately well and they cost more than other systems. In many cases, it is better off to get a good model in passive filtration and a good model in active purification and you can still stay below the costs of a hybrid air purifier.

The Daikin MC 707 is a good value when compared to other hybrid air cleaners. It will cost you $1734.34 over 10 years of use. One of the concerns with the Daikin model is the lack of information on its efficiency. It is able to remove particles down to.3 microns in size but it’s unknown what percentage of efficiency it has. If it’s only 50% efficient, that is terrible. If it’s 99% efficient, that is excellent. The company backs this system with a 3 year warranty. 3 years is the standard for higher end air purifiers and demonstrates that the company has a commitment to quality. We expect a 3 year warranty means the air cleaner will probably need to be replaced every 5 years.

This is an acceptable air purifier as far as hybrid systems go but you should also consider active and passive systems before making your decision. This air purifier caters best to those who want some air purification, but do not want to treat air purification like an investment by doing the research. They don’t need perfection, just a model that gets the job done.

Source by John Paul Kane