Different Types Of Windows For Your Property

Your window is an important piece to make your home more beautiful. It is indeed necessary for you to understand the technical things such as energy efficient. But there are other important things to consider.

The right type of window will definitely impact the functionality of your home. It will determine how they function and how they can be opened and operated as these will greatly influence your way of life at home. Bear in mind that windows are not just holes that will bring in light or perhaps keep the weather out. They can actually have a huge impact on the overall appeal of your property.

Of course, you must choose one that will best suit your needs. But bear in mind also how they look as well as feel inside.

Window Types To Choose From

Single or Double Hung – This has 2 sashes with one installed above the other. The single hung has one movable sash along with a fixed one. On the other hand, both sashes are movable in a double hung and can slide over each other. The main advantage of this option is that it does not use up exterior space, making them an excellent choice in areas where outdoor activity or obstruction may get in the way. For areas where you cannot get full access to open and close them is the only place where these are not great choices.

Casement – This operates like a door, wherein it can swing out from one side or the other. It is operated by crank mechanisms but is push-out styles. The main benefit of this option is it is several-fold. It offers better sight lines since there is no sash frame in the middle that can obstruct the view. Also, it works well in situations where limited reach or perhaps physical accessibility is limited.

Awning – This is quite similar to casement windows but it can swing out horizontally from the top. It opens at the bottom and often open outward. Some can also be opened inward. It allows light to enter the room whilst keeping it private. It is a great choice if you are living in a rainy environment but want to get good ventilation as it can be opened upward and outward; hence, it will keep the rain out and the air in.

Hopper – This is quite similar with awning except that it is flipped over – it opens at the top. It also opens to the inside rather than the outside. It is an excellent choice for small window application. Also, it has less framing to efficiently block the light. Most homeowners want this option since it can easily be cleaned from the inside. It is a great choice for the basement.

Tilt & Turn – This is a combination of a hopper and a casement window. It can swing open and tilt inward from the top. Its main advantage is its flexibility. It can give you a window that can do more things.

Source by Reeze Martin