Dont Buy the Columbia Bugaboo II Dome Tent Before Reading This Review!

The Bugaboo II dome tent sleeps five people. It’s very spacious for your family of five and not only is it spacious, but it also has a Cyclone venting system and a GoBe Dry rain protection system. The Bugaboo II dome tent’s ventilation system is just great for you, mainly because you just love to feel cool and comfortable when you are inside your tent. With the Bugaboo II dome tent’s ventilation, you will enjoy cool, calm and serene days even on a warm summer day. And now you may be thinking what if the weather changes and it begins to rain? Luckily the Bugaboo II dome tent has GoBe dry, the ultimate rain protection system. You are now reassured that there will be no leakage, if it starts to pour outside. The rain can pour all night long, you and your family will be safe and dry inside, as the rain will not find its way inside your Bugaboo II dome tent.

You are still inspecting the dome tent and then you realize that the Bugaboo II dome tent only weighs twelve pounds. It also includes a large storage space, with two external lockers for storage, several internal pockets and a gear loft for packing your camping equipment, luggage or just your valuables. In your mind you are saying I still want to have my coffee, even when I’m camping, don’t worry, because you can drink your coffee and place the cups into the multiple cup holders which are available in the Bugaboo dome tent. These cup holders can also be used to keep warm coffee and your cold soft drinks, or beer bottles. The Bugaboo II dome tent is also very easy to setup, it also has a polyester taffeta body, rain fly and a Camp Port for your cable passage. These dome tents also come colored in a fossil, carbon and boa combination.

The Bugaboo II features a larger rain fly than its predecessor, something you will certainly appreciate when an unexpected storm rolls through your campsite. Furthermore, the entire tent takes advantage of the GoBe Dry rain protection system. Staying dry is one of the most important elements in enjoying a safe and comfortable camping trip, and this system ensures that no water sneaks into the tent to threaten this. Adding to the comfort of this tent is the Cyclone venting system which is designed to keep fresh air circulating throughout the tent. The extra airflow provided by this feature will come in handy on a stuffy, stifling summer night, or right after a downpour when all of your clothes and gear are soaked. Setting up the Bugaboo II is facilitated by color coded fiberglass poles and sleeves.

Let me show you what current owners have to say about it:

I must clarify one point here. I have used my tent many times and almost always it has been used during rainy conditions. In some cases the rain was coming down sideways. Each and every time I would sit and wonder when the water would start to make it’s way in through the window seams or zippers. Never Happened!! The only time water has made it into the tent was when a downpour blew from the back side of the tent and water seeped in through the seam where the “instructions” where sewn into the seam on the back window.

Source by Ding Jian Guang