Is Nikken a Real Opportunity? An Ex Distributor Tells the Real Truth

The big uncertainty that is on everyone’s mind is Nikken a scam or not. Now I have read other reviews on this company and some of them are a little off base. One truth they do have in common with this review from an ex distributor is that Nikken is not a scam in any way shape or form.

Nikken is one of the oldest companies in the industry that began in Japan more than 35 years ago with the philosophy of the 5-pillars of health. A healthy body, mind, family, society and finances. The accepted wisdom and reality behind this philosophy, is that everything must be in balance to live a fulfilled life.

This philosophy of balance is revealed through every aspect of the company and the major area that Nikken excels is their product line. While many other companies they put together a good comp plan and search out a distinctive product with the exact price-point to make their plan work effectively. Nikken started with their products first and then chose the network marketing business model to move them into the hands of consumers.

The leadership team has a great combination of individuals such a CEO Kurt Fulle and President Douglas Braun. Kurt Fulle has 21 yeas of manufacturing and 7 years of public accounting experience. Douglas Braun has more than 20-years of extensive global brand development and international business experience in sales, marketing and executive management.

Nikken also has a full team of some of the top scientific minds in the world that are dedicated to manufacturing the best and most unique quality of product possible to benefit the end user. They spend millions of dollars in research and development before a product is released with a full-scale quality control department.

Nikken initially began with magnetic products and then expanded into other areas of health, wellness and prevention. They are now billed to be the only total wellness company in the world providing air and water filtration systems, magnetic mattresses, weighted fitness shoes, nutritionals and a full suit of magnetic energy device. In my personal experience with the majority of the products, they are the best quality products a person could find for maintaining optimal well being. As strange as some of the products may seem they really do work, at least for myself and many people I know.

The compensation plan is a stair-step break away, which is a great plan for long-standing growth over a period of time. You can grow your business quickly and the majority of the successful people were able to create momentum with personally sponsoring on average between 30 and 60 people within their first 90 days.

There are many aspects to the compensation plan that are generous from retail sale commissions, overrides, leadership bonuses, and an auto/home program.

To this day Nikken has created more than 100 millionaires and has paid out more as a percentage than any other company in the industry. And their products have changed countless lives in their 35+ year history.

Is Nikken a good business opportunity? I would say without a doubt, yes Nikken is a great opportunity for anyone to join. However to be successful you have to know how to market in these modern times. Since Nikken is an older company, all of the leaders still rely on marketing strategies that worked decades ago.

Source by Scott Zlateff