Karcher Professional’s – Taski Vacuum Cleaners Range

Among the Karcher vacuum cleaners and the Karcher office cleaning supplies, the Taski range of vacuum cleaners deserve a special place. Taski manufactures a range of highly efficient office cleaning products which are designed keeping in mind the latest technology and are representative of innovation in terms of performance, ergonomics and cost factor. The range of vacuum cleaners offered by Taski are the Taski swingo, Taski ergodisc, Taski Vento, Taski Vento 8 and Taski Vento 15 and these are supplied by Hygo as office cleaning products and hygiene cleaning supplies all over the world.

Karcher has introduced the Taski swingo range of machines which include the scrubber drier as well and are fine examples of operational efficiency and a user friendly interface. Being one of the Karcher products, the Taski swingo series has been designed in such way that it is not only compatible but also features an ultra-compact scrubber drier which is used in offices and homes for providing cleaning solutions and hygienic surroundings. Similarly, the Taski swingo 450B of Karcher is truly versatile nature and this is apparent from the fact that it is effective even on congested hard floors which are typical of retail stores, kitchens, hospitals and schools as well as in small areas like homes and offices. Karcher vacuum cleaners also feature the Taski ergodisc 165 which is the only single disc machine among all of Karcher office cleaning supplies and apart from being cost efficient it provides standardized cleaning at a low speed. The Taski ergodisc is particularly suitable as a part of office cleaning products and hygiene supplies since it can perform a number of cleaning functions.

Karcher also features the Taski Vento series of Karcher products and Karcher vacuum cleaners and these are available as Taski Vento 8 and Taski Vento 15. The Taski Vento 8 is one of the Karcher vacuum cleaners which use an extremely efficient filtration system consisting of a disposable fleece bag, filter cloth, motor protection filter and an optional exhaust filter as a result there is a significant improvement in the air quality after its use. Similarly, the Taski Vento 15 vacuum cleaner of Karcher has been equipped with a 15 liter dust bag and is a hallmark of improvement as a part of office cleaning products and hygiene supplies because it features a new handle design as well as a castor system for easy maneuverability. The innovative aspect of Karcher office cleaning supplies is apparent from the fact that all the machines can be easily stored and are user friendly in nature.

Source by Neej Amb