Koi Pond Construction

There is a great variety of koi pond construction equipment that includes skimmers which help get rid of water surface wreckage. Some others are aerial systems and water pumps used to re-circulate the pond water so more oxygen can be dissolved into it. The koi ponds built in the Japan are more sophisticated and more advanced as compared to normal backyard fish gardens. They are constructed with care, skill and ingenuity, in other words they are works of art. They represent some amazing engineering designs that are not noticed in regular fish gardens.

It is interesting to note that aesthetics is a big factor in furnishing a koi garden. The exterior of the garden is sometimes more important than the fish itself. The position, shape, adjoining materials, and building techniques are finely tweaked to produce the desired scenery. A pool’s boundary is especially important. There are a few standard edge treatments; however, the typical ‘gogan’ pattern and the application of large boundary borders is widely used.

Almost every vibrant Japanese koi garden includes several big stones mounted at the water line. These large smooth masses of rock can reach a weight of several tons. These require special engineering techniques that are not visible to the public but are equally important to your pet pond construction.

Aeration is the process of exposing your pond to the air. Koi garden aeration assures the right amount of oxygen in your koi pond water. Proper amount of aeration is crucial for koi wellness and also helps in avoiding algae.

A rubber water stop is a seal consisting of a ring for packing pistons or sealing a pipe joint. It is put into several kinds of concrete tubes that are used everywhere from swimming pools to artificial polar bear habitats at zoos to modern gardens. The modern day koi pond filter is not a sole piece of equipment; but it is a combination of different tools. A good koi pond filter should incorporate a water pump.

A catch basin is used in case you shut down your pond’s water pump. All of the excess water that is flowing upstream in your koi garden will eventually come down towards the lowest point in your pond. This could cause deluging and other unwanted side effects. A catch basin is used when such situation takes place. Koi pond biological filtration is another method of prevention of accumulating pond waste products.

A water garden pump is an important tool for koi pond construction. The most popular koi gardens in Japan are around one hundred years old and are made primarily of soil. Such ponds are nurtured by canals, streams and rivers. This koi pond construction is not feasible for most backyard koi owners who need to run fresh water pumps to operate a self-possessed system.

Source by Kyle T. Hinton