Oreck Vacuums Vs Simplicity Vacuums

Oreck vacuums are the best known on the market owing to the millions of dollars spent advertising every year. Simplicity vacuums are rarely advertised yet sell in the millions due to in-store demonstrations and word-of-mouth. Both machines are very similar. They weigh around 8 lbs so are easy and light for almost anybody to use. Both have excellent filtration, they clean the air down to .03 microns at 99.97% efficiency. You won’t be choking on dust. You also won’t have to buy filters because the polypropolyne micro fiber bag does it all! Both machines employ a direct-fan system to create the air-flow. The fan pushes enormous quantities of air into the micro-filtration bag, this system cleans you carpet much better than the indirect -motor design used by Hoover, Dyson, Eureka etc.

The Oreck uses a wooden brushroll to agitate the carpet and groom the fibers, this is much better than plastic brush rolls found on all department store vacuums. Plastic brush rolls can easily warp and melt if pet hair or string wraps up into the ends. Requiring an expensive replacement. The Simplicity goes a step further, they use a steel brush roll with replaceable brushes, years from now you can spend 10.00 to replace the brush strips instead of 50.00 on a whole new brush roll. The belt is made the same way as the serpentine belt on your car, and is guaranteed for life. The Oreck, and most other vacuums, use a big rubber band known as a “slip belt”, that requires periodic replacement.

Tidewater Sew-Vac Inc sells both brands,new and rebuilt. Before buying your next vacuum, go to your local Oreck and Simplicity Dealer and do a comparison yourself. Either brand will give you excellent cleaning and you will get great in-store service, and that is something you will not find at a department store or X club!

Source by Erik Tate