Sanitary Disposal Services – How to Choose a Sanitary Bin Company

A modern office, no matter how small, needs a quality sanitary disposal unit in its female washrooms. As most people are now aware, feminine hygiene products should never be flushed down the toilet – they don’t biodegrade easily and can end up in our rivers (environmentally unfriendly) or can block the plumbing (expensive!). Which means that it’s essential that every business provides a safe, convenient alternate method of disposal.

So what should you look for?

There are three main things to bear in mind when you’re choosing a sanitary disposal bin.

1. How does it work?

Some sanitary bins contain a sealed liner and can be disposed of by onsite cleaners. Others require a sanitary bin disposal service to remove the entire unit on a regular basis and replace with a fresh, sanitised bin. In this case, waste is disposed of through a specialist company, expert in contaminated waste treatment.

Some companies use Sanitary Disposal Units that contain extra strong granules. As sanitary towels and tampons are dropped into the bin, they are enveloped in a powerful sterilising vapour, which destroys germs and eliminates unpleasant odours. Containers are regularly exchanged, ensuring your washroom remains sanitary and hygienic.

2. What does it look like?

A sanitary waste disposal unit should fit discreetly into your washrooms. Always measure the space you have allotted for your unit to ensure it will fit before you order. The size of a sanitary bin depends on the bins used by a specific service company. For example, the sanitary disposal units that a leading hygiene services company uses measure 610mm x 170mm x 310mm. This size makes the sanitary bins sturdy, slimline and user friendly.

3. What service terms is the company offering?

Check with the sanitary bin service company to find out how often the units should be serviced. You’re looking for a discreet, reliable and regular service, conducted by a professional hygiene servicing company.

Source by Janelle Golding