See Why Kirby Vacuums Rock – The History Of The Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

Jim Kirby started Kirby vacuum cleaners. He was an inventor who had over 200 patents to his name. In 1906 he made his first cleaning machine. In 1925 he made the Vacuette Electric that had a removable nozzle and was the first upright vacuum cleaner that you could remove the tools from. In 1970 his company made the first Kirby Classic. This was to become a design classic and the resulting sales meant that the factory had to double it’s output. In 1990 they redesigned again this time bringing about some new innovations. The Generation 3 Model has a lightweight aluminum design and a power assisted motor that actually does most of the work of moving the cleaner around for you.

It also has a very advanced powerful filtration system that can remove nearly all the dirt and dust from the air that it filters. This can be very important for consumers that suffer from hay fever and asthma. It is also important for allergy sufferers who are affected by such things as dust mites. The power unit has a very good design team as NASA assisted the team from Kirby vacuum cleaners in designing it. Most of the latest design is the product of their new computerized design system, but Kirby vacuum cleaners still like to give all of there products that personal aspect and some of their operations are still carried out by people rather that being fully automated.

Another aspect where Kirby vacuum cleaners like to keep it personal is in their sales. They still prefer to use the old fashioned method of showing the product to the customer in their own home. They think that this gives them more of a connection, not only with the customer, but also with what the customer wants. It also gives a good incentive to their sales team as they are effectively running their own business. This gives then even more encouragement to look after the customer and to make sure that they get what they want.

All of this adds up to the fact that Kirby vacuum cleaners are a customer led company and they base their products and sales on giving the customer the best deal on the products that they want. Although Kirby has gone through many different transitions as a company their focus has always remained the same and it has given them a loyal customer base and a strong market share.

Source by Tim Gorman