Solar Job Training – Preparing For a Career in the Growing Solar Power Industry

As of March 2009, economic reports confirm that green collar jobs hold this economy’s most promising career paths. People with technical skills and expertise on energy and electricity production and distribution, equipment installation and maintenance, particularly those who have participated in or taken solar training courses, are at great advantage. With the current US administration backing up the development of alternative energy sources, it is predicted that the solar industry will achieve a 30% annual growth and more.

Throughout the globe, the United States is not alone in its initiative in advancing its energy sources and properties. There is also an observed increase in the demand for green collar jobs in many European and Asian countries. Today, US companies take hold of the most development projects in honing solar energy. These companies are taking advantage of the increasing demand for renewable energy sources as well as the country’s tax advantage benefits. Hence, there is an open opportunity for people who are qualified for various solar jobs. Now is the best time to get some training and courses to qualify for professional solar jobs.

Thankfully, there are a number of solar trainings and courses that are offered to qualify technicians, engineers and other equipment installing, handling and maintaining workers for the much coveted green collar jobs. These learning programs are intended to break in people to the growing solar industry. With the hands-on training, solar business and finance management courses as well as solar marketing and sales strategies, people from blue collar jobs can smoothly make their transition into the green collar jobs that require similar expertise.

Below is the list of the training programs and courses that are offered to qualify for solar jobs:

  • Training on photovoltaic design, installation and applications to hone the expertise of technicians and engineers.
  • Grid-tied PV design training is a  focused in introducing modern ways of handling solar energy systems connected to the utility grid.
  • Advanced PV design training refers to the heightened level of PV design training, which requires the trainee to do the PV design and installation courses within strict NEC compliance.
  • PV lab management training is perhaps the ultimate hand-on training that a technician could get as it sets the participants in a direct field application scenario, handling and managing PV lab yards, giving them the opportunity to install and wire solar electric systems to different types of solar electrical system wiring configuration.
  • People from the traditional management and finance team can take advantage of the solar sales, marketing and economics courses that may be taken in a traditional classroom setup or online. The important point of this training is to train people from directly related blue collar jobs into the more specific marketing demands of solar energy systems.

The potential of the solar industry has long been determined. Until the discovery of the depletion of the conventional sources, the industry’s potentials have been set aside. Now, with the advent of the global go green attitude and the wide acceptance of the international community to solar energy as the closest alternative energy source, people who are qualified for green collar jobs can lead a successful career path regardless of the worldwide economic conditions and issues.

From welders, electricians, roofers to architects, integrators, general contractors and other building professionals, the high demand for people qualified of solar jobs gives light could be just the kind of opportunity that people can take advantage of after the struggles that the current economic crisis have brought in their careers. Green collar jobs gave the technicians and engineers as well as marketing and finance professionals a great opportunity to rise from the ashes of the economy that may have cost them their blue collar jobs.

By participating in the related courses and trainings that the government and the private training centers offer, workers can easily become qualified for the coveted job. As the key leaders in the global economy intend to invest on the solar industry in the future, these trainings and courses can bring many workers back on the job, not just any job but a well-paying job. High-paying job that preserved the environment; what’s a more ideal job than that?

Source by Detlef Warner