The Downside of Basement Drywall Installation

So a basement drywall is cheap and gives a smooth finish. That’s only half of the story. What you may not know is that there are some disadvantages to using drywall material. Consider these first before installing one in your basement.

Limited Access

The single most crucial drywall disadvantage is that it offers very limited access to pipes and wires. If you have to install or repair some connections or leaks, you may have to rip open part of your drywall. Some home owners have solved this problem by cutting access points in some parts of the drywall and using pipes to house wires. This is only a good idea though if only wires need maintenance and if you know exactly what water pipe sections need repair. If you are unable to detect a leak early, you might even end up with a completely damaged drywall.

Limited access can also be bothersome if you want to renovate your basement again. You might have to destroy your drywall if you want to improve even just a section of the basement. Taking out an old drywall can be a messy task.

Can Attract Mold

The term basement drywall may be a bit misleading. You might think that if you have one, you are also fortifying your basement from common enemies such as moisture and molds. Your drywall however is part paper. That means it is even more attractive and inviting to molds. The mold in your drywall can become so bad that other items in your basement could suffer too. The worst part is that it may actually take some time before you notice that something is wrong.

Expensive in the Long Run

Drywall installation may be cheap at first. If you carefully sum up all your expenses however, you might realize that you have actually spent even more than you originally planned. It can be expensive for example to have to repair mold and leak damage. Removing and replacing a drywall because of a common basement problem can double your expenses.

Now you know both sides of the story when it comes to basement drywall installation. You can now decide if it truly is the best choice for your basement.

Source by Casey Torren