The Jani-King Rumors Are Unfounded

In today’s uncertain economy, more and more individuals are searching for legitimate opportunities that offer them the chance to be their own boss. While there are several franchise opportunities available to choose from, finding a franchise that is flexible, affordable and highly ranked is extremely important. Despite the claim of a Jani-King scam, the company is ranked as the number one commercial cleaning franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine and is seen as a great opportunity for those with limited funds to invest. If franchisees put in the right amount of focus and effort, and following the business methodologies that the company teaches, they will have more chances to do a good job.

The King of Clean is the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchisor and has consistently topped the list as one of the top 10 franchise companies throughout the world. Founded in 1969, the company has been giving entrepreneurs the tools and concepts necessary to build successful franchises for over 30 years. While the claim of the Jani-King scam has made many prospects skeptical of the opportunities offered by the company, press releases and research conducted by a number of different reliable sources including Entrepreneur Magazine has found these claims to be unfounded. If the Jani-King scam existed, the company would not be ranked number one Home based Franchise and number two low-cost Investment.

After being the number one commercial cleaning franchise company for 23 years in a row, Jani-King’s unique concept is a successful one for entrepreneurs who are willing to follow the business model. With a network of regional support offices, franchisees can receive assistance in building their franchise and building their profits. With its financial strength, stability, marketing concepts, and growth rate, it is no surprise that the company has been recognized as a top performer in the industry. Read into the opportunity and make your own decision on the untruths of the Jani-King scam.

Source by Larry Carnier