When it Comes to Bowling, Air Conditioning Makes All the Difference

What makes one bowling alley better than the next? Some might say it is the acoustics, the music they play, the ambiance, or the fact that they let you smoke inside and purchase alcohol? Others might say it is the equipment, the quality of the furniture, or even the quality of the clientele on outside of town.

Still, what makes one bowling alley better than the next is usually the air-conditioning, that’s right, the air-conditioning system especially in the summertime. Of course, if the bowling alley operator truly wants to make money they can’t blast the air conditioning too much, or they will spend all their money paying for the electricity, and there won’t be enough left over to afford to keep their lease, or pay the salaries of all the employees.

Bowling alleys are actually part of the entertainment sector, one which got hit pretty hard during the recession, and thus, they compete with things like movie theaters, miniature golf, and even the smaller theme parks. If the price is right and the air-conditioned atmosphere is correct, the place will be full.

Bowling alley operators need to have dual air conditioning systems. They should use a swamp coolers for temperatures up to a certain point, and then a different kind of air conditioning system when the temperature reaches the maximum efficient point for the swamp cooler.

The air-conditioning system should also blow the airflow from the middle of the lanes into the area where people are waiting to bowl. This way people will wish to stand around where everyone is bowling causing more people to play, rather than just hang out. Also the room with any pinball machines, or electronic games ought to be well cooled and sealed off from the rest of the bowling alley.

By maintaining efficiency and climate control, a bowling alley can maximize its profits, by reducing its energy expenses. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow