Aerus Air Purifiers Review and Numbers Analysis

Aerus Holdings LLC is a company based out of Dallas Texas. They own 9 companies, several of which carry air purification product lines. They carry 4 models under the Aerus Company brand. Aerus technology uses HEPA standard filtration, carbon odor filtration, ionization, and Photo-Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology in their air cleaner systems. These air filtration systems change the air in a room 7-9 times in an hour. This is clearly one of the stand-out features of these systems. To really get the particle count low to help an asthma sufferer, the purifier should be changing the air at least 5 times an hour.

Aerus purifiers range in coverage from 100 to 2000 square feet. They also have a commercial product covering 2500 square feet. We were only able to gather enough data to analyze the AQ 1000 and Lux Guardian, which by our estimates costs in range from 26-35 cents per square foot covered per year. These estimates are based on costs spanning ten years. The cost to cover 3000 square feet with these air cleaners ranges from $7848.98 to $10585.89 over 10 years.

These Aerus systems are highly efficient at particle removal and carry quality filters. The Lux Guardian provides the best cost-benefit value because it combines the most air cleaning technologies and has the lowest cost per square foot when it is used. Aerus does not provide the same warranty to all its air purifiers. Some Aerus systems only carry a one year warranty. Others carry up to a 5 year warranty with certain exceptions. For example, some Aerus purifiers carry a 5yr warranty on the motor and fan, but only a one year warranty on all other parts. Some systems that Aerus warranty’s for one year can be upgraded to a 5 year warranty under certain conditions. If you are looking to purchase an Aerus purifier, you should consult with the company about the warranty.

Aerus air purifiers are average when compared to the options available on the market. They provide excellent filter efficiency and meet HEPA standards but they are average when it comes to cost per square foot. These air purifiers will certainly provide satisfaction to customers but they are not what we consider one of the best buys available on the market. However, these air purifiers will do well in a valuable niche market because they are quality products that address the needs of some asthma and allergy sufferers.

Source by John Paul Kane