Amega Global’s AM Water Actify – Red Bull of Water Ionizers


A micro-clustered (6x smaller in molecules), zero point energized, ionized, anti-oxidant, alkaline hydrating technological WUNDERKIND! Why is the AM Water Actify the ‘Red Bull’ of water ionizers? As opposed to any other water ionizer on the market this one uses Amized Fusion Technology and Zero Point Energy to activate the H2O.


Everyone knows that water is an essential part of a healthy life.Next to the air we breathe water is the most essential component to life. Water makes up 2/3 of the weight of the human body. The brain is 75% water, the blood is 83% water, bones are 22% water, muscles are 75% water and the lungs are 90% water. Water does more than sustain life. Water is essential to the functioning of every single cell and organ system in the human body. It can actually improve our health, our fitness, and even our appearance.


Makes up the majority of every cell in our body.

Is the biggest part of our blood and lymph systems.

Carries food and oxygen to the cells and carries waste away.

Helps flush our kidneys to get rid of toxic substances.

Helps balance our electrolytes, which helps to control our blood pressure.

Helps to moisten our eyes, mouth, and nasal passages.

Helps to keep the body cool when it is hot and insulates the body from the cold.

Acts as a shock absorber to cushion the body’s organs.

Helps lubricate joints and is part of your blood, sweat, tears, and saliva.

Can provide many of the trace minerals that our bodies need.


The Amega AM water system, using innovative AMized Fusion Technology, is able to transform the unstructured water molecule back to its original crystalline structure, thus bringing out the life force energy.


Step 1 – Ceramic Filtration

The hollow porous ceramic filter in the AM Water System is primarily for bacterial removal. It filters particles from water but leaves oxygen and mineral contents unchanged.

Step 2 – Carbon Treatment Purification

Inside the AM Water System is an activated pressed carbon-block filter. This carbon block effectively reduces:

Chlorine taste and odor.

Particulates, improving clarity.

More than 140 possible health-effect contaminants, including lead and mercury.

Activation Increases the Carbon Surface. Amega Global “activates” the carbon through a special process that creates thousands of pores. This increases the surface area available to attract contaminants. The carbon is then pressed together to create a fixed carbon block. This increased surface area increases the ability of the filter to attract and trap carbon-based contaminants as water passes through the block. Various other organic contaminants also tend to adhere to the porous surface, so the carbon-block filter acts as a magnet for contaminants.

Step 3 – Vitalization

The water in the AM Water system passes through a special vitalizer which transforms the broken molecular structure to its original life-giving super moisturizing state. Crystalline structured.


AM Water Helps Maintain Blood Volume which maintains your energy. Proper hydration improves your concentration and reaction time, especially during exercise.

AM Water Helps Protect Against a Variety of Ailments including colds, constipation, and urinary tract infections.

AM Water has a Smaller Water Cluster making it possess a superior hydrating capability, greatly increasing nutrient delivery. It easily penetrates your body’s cells.

AM Water is Oxygenated. AM water carries more oxygen throughout your body containing 20-50% more oxygen than regular water.

AM Water has an Optimal Ph Level. Ph measures the acidity and alkalinity of water. 1.0 – 7.0 is acidic while 7.0 – 14.0 is alkaline. The optimal range of Ph in your body is from 7.2 – 7.6, slightly alkaline. All the cells that make up your body are slightly alkaline and must stay that way in order for you to be healthy and alive.

AM Water has Anti-Oxidation Power. AM water has powerful anti-oxidant properties that are reactive and neutralize highly unstable substances called free radicals that cause oxidation. Anti-oxidation is the basis for all anti-aging therapies and can greatly reduce the development of many chronic diseases.


2 year warranty on all parts and labor.

30 day money back guarantee. Be sure to return the warranty card within 10 days of purchase to activate the warranty.

After 15-20 liters of water the system purges and cleans itself.

Self cleaning device to protect the device.

Voltage 110 60hz. 80 watts of power consumption. 4.5 kilograms in weight.

Works with temperature between 5-30 Celsius.

Tap water open and close system.

Works with continued electrolysis.

Maximum of 3 liters per minute.

Cleaning device polarity auto alternative system.

Platinum and titanim electrodes.

5-6 months of filter life – based on 20 litres per day.

Silver activated carbon fiber filtered calcium.

Auto shut off temperature censor.

Water supply is direct connection to the tap.

The Retail Price of the AMWater Actify is $2,899.00.

The Wholesale Price is $2,499.00.

Source by Paul H Moore