Amway Atmosphere Air Purifier Review and Numbers Analysis

Amway is a direct selling company known for its success and notoriety in the direct sales and network marketing industry. In recent years, they put a foothold into the air purification industry with their Atmosphere air filtration model. The Atmosphere was designed to rival the best HEPA filtration models in performance. It boasts 99.99% efficiency at removing particles down to.009 microns in size. There are very few purifiers that compete with this level of efficiency. The important thing to remember is that just because the filter is this efficient doesn’t mean the air purifier as a whole unit is this efficient. You have to consider the possibilities of leakage of air flow when a unit is not air tight with its seals. Nevertheless, this air filtration systems is one of the most efficient in the industry.

The Atmosphere costs $1.44 per square foot of air cleaned per year. The higher cost is proportional to the efforts to make the Atmosphere one of the most efficient in the industry. It only covers 390 square feet and costs $5610.02 to operate consistently over 10 years. It would cost a whopping $43154.00 to clean a 3000 square foot home with this technology over 10 years.

The Atmosphere is primarily a particle filtration unit. It also has a 4 pound carbon filter which provides better odor filtration than low-end models in the market. Yet this filter does not match the many high-end purification systems that offer upwards of 18lbs of carbon filtration. The primary reason one would buy this air purifier is for significant particle filtration. Other systems will work better on odor and gases and are much more economical.

People who suffer from asthma and allergies may find this air purifier very helpful. Because of its cost, you should definitely demand to try it before committing to it. Its MSRP is $1075.00. For the price, the company offers a relatively low 2 year warranty. This means we expect the air purifier will need to be repaired or replaced within 5 years. Because of the cost for a new, repairing the unit makes a lot more sense.

As a high-end air purifier, the Atmosphere does not come close to being in the top list of filtration systems when it comes to cost benefit ratio. You are paying handsomely for the refined filtration this system provides. It’s certainly an excellent system in terms of performance and has a valuable place in addressing specialty issues. It is a specialty system, not designed to accommodate most general issues that arise in residential air purification.

Source by John Paul Kane