Applications for Polished Concrete Floors

When was the first time you heard of polished concrete flooring? If you are developer, architect or contractor you will probably have heard it a lot recently, if you haven’t already worked with it. The true measure is perhaps how the general public are starting to request its use more and more in home designs.

Why are people using polished concrete?

Due to the polishing methods now available, we can create surfaces that reflect a mirror-like shine as well as varying degrees of high-gloss finishes. We might associate the material with a rough, dull aesthetic appearance used for its durability for construction and industrial purposes, but not for its appearance. Nowadays, the material can be used in a multitude of settings including home building, airports, commercial centres and shopping centres.

Traditionally, architects, contractors and developers have used other materials such as granite, stone, wood and linoleum but as prices and benefits of polished concrete floors are starting to rival these other materials, as well as the rising interest from the public in this floor surface, there has been a huge growth in the polished concrete floor market.


Concrete is an incredibly durable material. And of course durable and industrial are two terms that go together very well. This is why it has been used in many large scale infrastructure developments throughout the modern world including sporting arenas, bridges, buildings and housing developments. It is an integral part of strength and structure.

Additionally, the polishing process creates an added durability due to the densification of the material and overall hardening of the slab. When used for industrial purposes, this is obviously a great asset, whether it is for warehouse flooring, depots, large garage spaces, development sites or convention centres.

If there is a requirement for hygiene, the ease of maintenance and cleaning that comes with the surface is also beneficial. Due to the lack of crevices or cracks, there is little chance of harmful bacteria or dirt hiding out of site, creating a safe and clean working environment.


Shopping centres, business centres, offices and more often need large spaces to serve customers or employees with a safe, clean and stylish floor surface. Linoleum has traditionally been a popular choice due to its cost and ease of maintenance. But there are limits to how long linoleum lasts and the affect that gradual wear and tear can have on the appearance can be quite noticeable. Even a leftover spillage of coffee can have a lasting affect ton the colour of a linoleum flooring surface.

Polished concrete is an increasingly popular way to fit commercial spaces. The aesthetic appeal is a large factor in this increased usage. Polished concrete can be unique and stylish depending on the process and ingredients used during mixture and application. Various colours and patterns can be used offering a subtle variations or distinctive appearances for any commercial purpose. By using different variations of aggregates and sand, stains, dyes, decorative engravings and stencilled graphics, the finishing style can be manipulated to offer a professional yet pleasing finish.


Polished concrete is hardwearing, easy to maintain and will not harbour dust mites or unwanted bacteria that could be harmful to those living within its vicinity. It also provides a neutral backdrop that is perfect for all manner of interior design schemes. It can be used inside and out for a continuous floor scheme in certain layouts as it will not be structurally damaged by water. But do be aware that adverse weather conditions may affect the colour and appearance of this material so consult with your provider first.


Polished concrete floor kitchens are a fantastic way to achieve a stylish yet practical floor surface for your kitchen. Due to the qualities already explained such as durability, hygiene and style, it can be integrated into almost any kitchen design with ease. Whether you are designing a layout that serves multiple house members, or simply a collection of small apartments, polished concrete floors offer a versatile look and feel that offers both safety and cleanliness due its ability to deter bacteria from settling.

Source by Emma Riley