Can I Use a Fireplace and Central Heating at the Same Time?

A fireplace can be used along with central heating at the same time but with minor adjustments.

Fireplaces have a traditional, cozy feel to them and feel wonderful, especially on cold nights. The whole family can gather together, watch a movie and drink hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. When you are sitting in front of the fireplace and warming up, you might feel it’s okay to turn the thermostat off. But that’s not actually a great idea.

If your fireplace is in the living room, it might be warm and cozy. But eventually, you will head back to your bedroom to sleep. And with the furnace, the room will have become quite cool. The furnace’s air ducts will also have cooled down, which means it will take longer for them to heat up once the furnace is on. This will use more energy than if you had left the furnace on.

It’s a good idea not to use the fireplace as your home’s main heating source. A fireplace is not exceptionally efficient in heating a home as compared to a furnace. Fireplaces can be an excellent source of warmth for a short while, but it’s not safe to leave a fireplace burning throughout the night unattended.

So, What Can You Do?

When you are using the fireplace, leave your heating system on. Simply turn your heater’s temperature down by a few degrees. Keep using the fireplace and reveling in its warmth for a short period of time during the evening. But at the same time, if your furnace is on and is on low heat, it will keep the heating ducts warm. When you exhaust the fireplace and head back to your room, your room will still be warm. This will make sure you have a warm room while cutting back on the use of energy.

Also, make sure the thermostat is located far from your fireplace. This is to ensure that the meter readings are accurate and your heating system runs efficiently.

If you have a fireplace installed a fireplace in your home and are using it regularly, you need to make sure it is maintained properly. Some of the best practices when using a fireplace are as follows:

• It’s important to use the right kind of fuel. Us dry, well-seasoned wood. Do not ever use treated wood or wet or painted wood.

• Make sure your fireplace is cleaned and inspected annually. It’s of magnitude importance not to neglect its maintenance.

• Include an air purifier in your home. An air filtration system can help control smoke pollution and keep the air around your clear and clean.

Source by Mike Petty