Dumbwaiters For the Home

A dumbwaiter is a device similar to the elevator and can be used to convey food or other materials from one floor to another. Dumbwaiters are not new in the industry and are used throughout homes around the world. Dumbwaiters can carry clothes, groceries, laundry, firewood, books and other household items. Apart from residential use, dumbwaiters are ideal for commercial use in stores, restaurants, and cafeterias.

Two common models of dumbwaiters available in the market are manual dumbwaiters and electrical dumbwaiters. Manual dumbwaiters are less costly than electrical models and operate by means of a rope which can be pulled by the operator to move items from one floor to another. Electrical models are run by motors with varying load carrying capacities and are easier to operate at the simple push of a button.

Considering the cost factors, dumbwaiters are available at half the cost of a small residential elevator. The major cost factors include installing enclosed shafts and lifting device motor, and installing the rails for the dumbwaiter to ride on the wall. These devices are made of highly durable components which are the same materials used in commercial elevators. Dumbwaiter cabs are available in stainless steel material and also in high quality wood finish. They come with safety features such as magnetic door switches to prevent the system from running with open doors.

The dumbwaiter can be called a small mini-elevator with guide rails, pulley systems, and control systems. Most dumbwaiters are capable of carrying weights ranging from 75 to 150 lbs. These elevators are built to last longer and come with manufacturer warranties that cover free servicing and replacements for damages. As the unit comes with hand ropes, cables and installation fasteners which are easier to handle and assemble, the relocation of the whole unit is quite easy.

Dumbwaiters are not luxury items since they have considerable practical use in both residential and commercial buildings. These products can save your valuable time and reduce the risk of back pain and injuries you may incur by lifting heavy household items. They can also add to the resale value of your home.

Source by Tom M Smith