Finding the Best Shower Filter

Showers are the leading cause of chlorine exposure. When heated, water flows out of the shower head and chlorine is vaporized into the steamy air. Vaporized chlorine is readily absorbed into open pores and even inhaled into the lungs. One 10-minute shower causes more chlorine absorption than a drinking a days worth of unfiltered tap water. So what is the best shower filter to remove chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and heavy metals from the water?

Filter Media

State of the art shower filters use a patented filter media called KDF, which stands for Kinetic Degradation Fluxion. KDF is a fancy way to say that chlorine, heavy metals, and contaminants are attracted to the filter media by their respective positive and negative ionic charges. As water flows through the KDF a tiny current of electricity is generated, making it possible for the copper and zinc granules to rearrange the electrons of the contaminants, rendering 90% of the available chlorine harmless. KDF filters attract and sequester heavy metals and eliminate sulfur smells, odd tastes and colors.

KDF is sometimes combined with a granulated activated charcoal in two-stage shower filters. The zinc and copper in KDF filters naturally prevents bacterial growth, including E. Coli and molds. KDF is the media used the best shower filters because it works well under high temperatures and high water flow. KDF filters last longer than activated charcoal filters. Most KDF filters last close to a year and filter thousands of gallons. High sediment levels may shorten filter life, however.


Most filters for the shower are in the $50 price range, although more expensive models are out there. Depending on the type of filtration used they will need replacement in 3 months to a year. GAC filters made from granular activated charcoal have the shortest life, while KDF filters can last eight months or longer. Generally, replacements cost about half the price of the initial filter assembly. But it is good to know that some of the less expensive ones only remove half of the chlorine. The best shower filters, made with KDF media, get rid of 90% of chlorine and a wide range of common contaminants.

Shower filters not only remove chlorine, but reduce hard water build-up and scale. Shower heads that use KDF naturally soften the water and balance pH for smoother, softer hair, and an easier to clean shower. Using a filtration system in your shower will also prevent skin reactions and breathing problems related to the chlorine vapors.

Source by Mike Blooth