Heat Gun Safety Checklist – How Not To Burn Yourself

The multi-utilitarian heat gun is an extremely popular tool used in crafts, construction, the automotive industry and much more. To work the heat gun efficiently and safely, the instructions must be read thoroughly. Heat guns eject hot air which may even reach 1300° F; hence it is crucial to understand how to operate the heat gun so that precaution may be taken against the risk of serious burns.

Heat guns are generally held in one hand while the other hand can be used to complete the task that is being undertaken. A mandatory safety measure is to wear gloves that provide protection from accidental burns. The gloves used should be able to resist burns and guard the hands from the hot air that blasts from the nozzle as it can easily be misdirected.

Heat guns are often used to soften matter so that it can be molded into any shape desired or stuck to another object. During the heating process usually a lot of dangerous fumes are emitted so a well ventilated work area is essential. When painting or using adhesives most people forget the hazards of toxic fumes produced by these materials when they get hot. Hence a well ventilated room is desirable.

If the heat gun is used recklessly it may cause the handler severe burns. The heat gun may look like a hair dryer but is definitely not one, so it should never be directed at hair, skin or clothing for any cause. The heat gun must be handled with intense care and constant attention must be given to where the hot air is being directed otherwise it could lead to fatal accidents.

If one uses the heat gun responsibly then this tool can provide an immense number of benefits from its various uses. While using the heat gun you must be alert and agile because you do not want to end up with burns neither would you like your object to be burnt.

Source by Dixita Dutt