The Benefits Of Having Basement Ventilation

Mould and bad odors, especially in your home’s crawl space or basement, are sure warning signs that you could be exposing yourself and the family members to illness. In our present times, more than ever, indoor ventilation has become an everyday necessity, as our homes are being designed to be completely air-tight. This has the consequence of trapping pollutants and moisture inside. When you install a basement dehumidifier, it will only re-circulate the very same polluted air.

Why the Need?

The solution lies in installing mechanical basement ventilation. Excessive moisture, musty crawl spaces and basements provide a very rich environment for contaminants like dust mites and mould to thrive in your home. Contrary to a popularly held belief, these hazardous contaminants don’t just remain confined to your crawl spaces and basements but they rapidly disperse their contaminated air to your whole home. The installation of basement dehumidifiers just reduces moisture in a small confined area with no impact on the rest of your house. This is not the end of the matter!

When your home has excess moisture and insufficient ventilation it promotes biological pollutants, gases and toxins which accumulate to possibly create Sick Home Syndrome situations. This is characterized by dizziness, rash, headache, nausea, asthma, several respiratory ailments plus difficulties in concentrating.

Additionally, your home could also be undergoing structural damage that is moisture-induced. When left untreated, these structural problems tend to get only worse with time.

If you are using your basement as a carpack, the Australian Building Code requires that a suitable carpark mechanical ventilation method get installed in your buildings as directed under Clause F4.11. Part 4 of that Clause specifically deals with Carparks Light and Ventilation. Whatever mechanical ventilation you opt to install should comply with AS 1668.2-2002 that tackles the use of ventilation and air-conditioning for indoor air containment control.

The Benefits

– Your basement could be utilized as an extra family room, recording room, storage room, art room or indeed any other type room. It is only when that room has got good ventilation system that you will be able stay down there for extended periods and enjoy whatever you are undertaking. Because of the dangers of mould, excessive dampness, whenever you are in your basement, you stand even more exposed. Ventilation in your basement is then essential for your health.

– Without adequate ventilation, your basement stands at higher levels of possible mould and mildew growth. It is only with a good system that you can be able to alleviate such potential hazards.

– The National Health and Medical research Council of Australia website advices you that whenever your basement has got bad air you’ll experience episodes of tiredness, headaches, dizziness, throat infections, eye and nose irritation plus a host of other respiratory diseases. In particular, mould growth will trigger sinus and respiratory infections. It becomes even more risky if you have small children down there. For this reason having efficient ventilation is a major plus.

– The good thing about installing mechanical ventilation in your basement is that it will work as well for you in winter just as in summer. It aids in making your basement to be a place of all seasons.

– An efficient ventilation system need not be expensive. In any case, when you think of the added benefits of an additional habitable room, this would outweigh any costs involved in the installation and running of the system.

Source by Matt Reardon