Top Tips For Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is important for you if you are proud of your home and wish to give a good impression of your home to passers by and, more importantly, friends and family when they drop by.

Not only does it create a good impression, but it also adds to the value of your home if you are looking at selling, getting a curbside valuation, or looking to rent out the property.

Different Property Maintenance

Whether it be cutting and edging your lawn, keeping your shrubs and trees trimmed, weeding and maintaining your garden beds, or sweeping/blowing the leaves and other plant matter that gets dropped on lawns and paths, maintaining your yard is important to keeping your property looking at it’s best.

Likewise, nothing looks worse than a gutter with weeds growing out of it due to lack of cleaning. Not only does it look bad, but it is damaging the gutter by not letting the water run off. This leads to rusting out of the gutter (if it is metal) which means expensive refit of gutters.

Another problem is that the water may overflow either under the eaves and down the wall, leaving unsightly tracks down the house wall or, worse still, over flowing into the ceiling cavity.

This could lead to damage of insulation, creation of mould and bacteria – which could lead to the house beginning to smell, rotting and damaged ceiling plaster, the risk of shorting out the light fittings or ceiling wiring, and damage to house contents if there is a heavy downpour and the water comes in down the internal walls onto bookcases or anything else against the walls, and damage to carpets and underlays.

Similarly, accumulated bits and pieces may add to clutter and detract from the appearance of your yard. Why not have spring clean and get a service to remove all your unwanted items to the tip.

Having bright, clean windows really makes a difference. Dirty windows with cobwebs hanging from the eaves do not paint a pretty picture. A property maintenance service will be able to clean the windows (inside and out), clean up the frames, and remove the cobwebs, even from those difficult to reach 2nd story windows.

Commercial and Industrial Property Maintenance

For a business, having your property maintained gives customers and potential customers a positive impression of your business – perhaps attracting customers.

If you are a wrecking yard then broken fixtures, an overgrown or weedy garden bed or lawn might not matter. However, if you are wanting to make a good impression, faked and peeling paint or broken and stained paving or tiling won’t be reassuring to a potential customer who is seeking a professional they feel they can rely on.

As a business person, you have a lot on your plate managing your business. It’s easy to forget or overlook something like property maintenance. That’s why having a regular, scheduled maintenance program with someone like Landscape Melbourne, allows you to set and forget this area.

Your maintenance professional should be aiming to create a long-term business solution for you, and will want to provide you with a high quality of service.

Whether you are a home owner or have a business space, a property maintenance professional could save you money by picking up a potential problem and taking action to rectify it before it becomes a reality and costs you big money to fix it. It could certainly save some expensive service calls.

Source by Nic S Tashkoff