You Could Benefit From Installing Casement Windows

A lot of people have their own ideas about which type of windows are best, and with so many options to choose from these days, there is much to be said about each of them. One of the most talked about and favoured types are casement windows. These are windows attached to the frame at the hinge, which open all the way outward. Before sash windows, casement windows were the most common type of window in the UK.

Regular casement windows are hinged at the side, variations hinged from the top are know as awning windows and versions hinged at the bottom are called hoppers. The main reason a lot of people still love this type of window is the fact that they open up so wide. In fact, they open up further than any other window. This lets you swing the window all the way open, creating a completely open space in which you can lean out of to enjoy the air. (Or even climb out of!)

In comparison, Double-Hung Windows only open half way no matter which way they open. Sliding windows may seem like another good option for opening a large area but with one panel traditionally fixed in place, you are still only getting a partial opening. Obviously there are other window alternatives that dont open at all such as plate glass picture windows as well as windows that only open a fraction, for mere ventilation purposes.

Being able to open your window this wide gives you a better breeze, this is one of the most popular reasons people choose to go with these windows. It can be hard to catch a nice breeze with other windows, particularly when there are things obstructing the flow of air around your building such as trees and bushes. When these windows are open, the glass acts as a flap, which actually guides and funnels the air through the window and into the building.

Some people equate this wide opening to be a security risk but this is far from the case. In fact, casement windows offer very strong security and are one of the hardest windows to break in to. These windows come in a variety of sizes and styles, so finding a window to fit your property is no problem. You can have single panels that open all the way or double panels, which both fold outward to create a luxurious open space. You can even add a small casement window to a set of fixed panels, to capture the breeze.

If the size of your window opening is important, or if you are looking to add some needed ventilation to your home, then casement windows are an excellent choice. Lots of people would agree!

Source by Sarah Haines