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Home Inspection Services Are a Must To Buy Your Dream Home

Have you decided to buy a home of your choice? Then, accept the reliable services of a home inspection company having qualified home inspectors. Home inspection services help the potential buyers to ease out confusion and tension. While buying a home, it is necessary to consider the price, location and condition of the structure. These services guarantee a perfect buying for a long lasting investment.

Home inspection companies are the best companion for first time home buyers. A qualified and experienced home inspector helps to minimize possible risks of unforeseen repair and associated costs. Present condition of the home including exteriors and interiors and its maintenance are included in the inspection.

The value of properties and house are determined by companies to produce a final report. Hence, take utmost care while choosing the right inspection company. You can consult with a prominent realtor in your area to collect details about reliable home inspectors. You can also get information through your friends and family members. Another best alternative is to browse the internet and search the yellow pages to choose a reliable inspection agency.

For the total inspection of all features of a home, it requires nearly two to four hours depending on the size and status of the building. An estimate of repairing works is also evaluated in the course of inspection. Normally, every factor related to the house such as foundation, electrical wiring, appliances, porch, garage, windows, doors, chimneys, heating and cooling systems, plumbing and fittings and related accessories are considered under inspection. Also, it uncovers problems such as water leaks, second-rate workmanship, designs, structural destruction due to insects or termites, moisture issues and use of poor quality building materials.

A complete report is provided after the home inspection detailing about the recommendations and supportive descriptions with diagrams and illustrations. A truly qualified home inspector submits unbiased report about a home/property for making a wise decision whether to invest in a particular home. Some inspectors even bring specialized tools, equipments and other materials to do an impartial evaluation. Competitive buyers can accompany the inspection to rectify queries regarding property ownership and maintenance details to conserve the home in good condition.

So before purchasing a home, it is wise to have it checked with a professional home inspector. This helps to obtain an accurate and clear idea about the strength and weakness of the building and make a better negotiation with the owner.

Source by Sooraj Surendran

Daily Maintenance of Ice Block Making Machine

The ice block making machine is designed with higher technology than other refrigeration equipment. The operating environment, daily maintenance and repair, both of these factors have great influence on machine’s service life and ice generating effect. So, how to prolong the service life? Let’s see some tips about daily maintenance of the ice block maker below.

Firstly, it should be installed far away from heat source, and at the same time, this ice maker could not be directly shone by the sun. Ambient temperature should not exceed 35°C and the installing place ought to be well ventilated.

Then you should pay attention to the gap of installing. The gap of back as well as sides of it should no less than 30 cm from the wall, while the top part should no less than 60cm.

Ice block making machine should use separate power supply, special electric power supply loops, fuse protector, anticreeping switch, all of these should be grounded firmly.

The water used in the ice making machine should comply with state drinking water standards and water filtration device should be installed in order to filter impurities in water, or the pumps, clean sink and ice mold might be blocked by these impurities.

Handle with care when carrying the ice block making machine and violent shock should be avoided, carrying slope should no less than 45 degree. After short-distance transport, it should be rest for 2-6 hours before working.

Turn off the power when cleaning the ice block making machine, strictly prohibit wash with water pipe directly at the body of the equipment and clean with acidic, alkaline and other aggressive cleaning solvents, neutral detergent is recommended.

Water supply hose should be opened every two months to clean the filter inlet valve, thus avoid intake infarction that caused by sand or other impurities.

Sweep dust on the condenser surface every two months. Use vacuum cleaner, small brush to clean the device, strictly prohibit use sharp metal tools.

Clean the water pipe, sink, ice storage box every two months.

When doesn’t use ice block making machine for a long time, the machine should be cleaned and dried before putting away. The ice block making machine should be put in a ventilated and dry place, avoid being placed in the open air.

Source by Maia Liou

Michael Jackson and Arfaq

Michael Jackson, Arfaq, Balmain and the Clothes that set Todays Fashion

Billie Jean Tux

Jackson’s contemporary take on the tuxedo was groundbreaking. Made from black leather and worn with a pink shirt and red bow tie, it allowed men to approach evening looks in a less conventional way. The look has been replicated on the YSL catwalk.

Beaded Moonwalk Jacket

The beaded jacket is what Jackson originally wore in 1983 when he performed his first ever moonwalk. Glitzy monochrome as well as fedoras are slated to be a big trend this winter even if white socks paired with loafers continue to be a style challenge.

The World’s First Air-Conditioned Jacket

Countless hours blending state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge design experience resulted in a world first: the unique micro air-conditioning and purifying system incorporated into a garment.

The “AC-7″ jacket was designed and fitted for Michael Jackson by Arfaq. Created in a distinctive military style, the jacket is a captivating combination of Capri Blue with a dash of Light Amethyst. Specially created stones dramatically recreate the effect of the Aurora Borealis enhanced throughout with glorious pulsating rainbow colors. One arm simply shimmers in a torrent of clear crystal droplets. In excess of 275,000 crystal stones, each cut with eight facets, were utilized in the production of this jacket.

Military Jackets

Atten-shun! Jackson led the fashion troops in his custom-made, braid and button-bedecked military jackets. Forward march a couple of decades and the Parisian catwalk is crowded with similar strong-shouldered looks. Rihanna picked up a very M.J. denim piece from Balmain-a brand the King of Pop himself grew to favor.

Military Man

The military look – with lashings of gold embroidery and sequins – was one of Jacko’s most compelling and copied styles. Balmain paid tribute and Rihanna tried the look. Jackson himself wore this Balmain jacket on a hospital visit.

The military look, worn on the Dangerous Tour in 1992, is arguably classic Jackson. It’s a style that he has refined over the years and it inspired Balmain’s Autumn/Winter 09 collection. It was designed by Denis Tompkins and Michael Bush, who were also responsible for designing his outfits when he appeared in court for child abuse charges. Tompkins has said that Jackson was very fond of his military details as they had clean lines and fitted almost like dance clothes. Further- more, uniforms demand attention.

‘Magician’s Fall’ Military Half Jacket

‘Magicians Fall’, designed by Arfaq for Michael Jackson, is a military half jacket, designed from black dress suede. The garment demonstrates a very simple cut and fall and is very comfortable to wear. In return, this jacket is lined in a fine black silk and is flamboyantly decorated with 18ct gold buckles.

Gangster Style Smooth Criminal

The gangster-style suit from Smooth Criminal was designed by Betty Madden and is a homage to Fred Astaire’s outfit in the 1953 film The Bandwagon. It was much slicker than the costumes Jackson wore in the early Eighties. To achieve the impossible effect of leaning that far forward in this picture he wore shoes that used special harnesses with wires and magnets.

The World’s First Pair of Adjustable Shoes

Arfaq designed and developed custom-made shoes for Michael Jackson. These shoes were made to electronically self adjust to his foot. The concept was created because his production company, MJJ Productions, did not disclose his shoe size!

Hat Tricks

Jackson had the ability to take a simple fashion item and invest it with iconic status. His tilted fedora is a good example. It became more than simply a hat. It was an extension of the man and of his dancing. He used it to create drama. The look is now popular with Kate Moss, who uses hers to hide from photographers.

The Bad Days

For the Bad album, Jackson toughened up his image with masses of belts, buckles, studs and straps, but it was always more glam than intimidating. Mary-Kate Olsen wears the Givenchy version of the Bad look.

1990s Glitter

Jackson and sparkles go hand in hand. He loved to shine and was one of the first to wear clothes entirely encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

The Swarovski Black Diamond Glove

In 1994, Arfaq made a Black Swarovski diamond glove for Michael Jackson known as “Healing Hands”, which was worn by Michael Jackson on the HIstory Tour. Handmade with 18,443 diamond stones imported from Austria, from the legendary Swarovski Crystal House, the specially formulated adhesive allows total control and movement.

Five 9ct Egyptian gold buckles fasten the glove in place, each buckle is extremely light, thus preventing distortion of the finished glove.

His look inspired this Antonio Berardi catwalk style. Today, sequins work for day and evening wear.

The Velvet and Crystal Jacket

When Michael Jackson celebrated 30 years in music at Madison Square Gardens in and was presented a velvet and crystal jacket designed by Arfaq.

A Thriller of a Jacket

The flamboyant red leather jacket Jackson wore in the Thriller video is one of his most memorable looks. It wasn’t so much the colour or the style that were important, but the way he wore it, with the sleeves pushed up past his elbows. With that simple styling tick, he set a trend that lasted a decade.

This is one of Jackson’s most iconic outfits. The bold red leather jacket with exaggerated shoulders is from the video to Thriller. Fast forward 25 years and leather jackets and coloured jeans are enjoying a revival.

The World’s Most Expensive Cufflinks in GBWR

In 1996, The Guinness Book of World Records listed the V2 Cufflinks as “The World’s most expensive cufflinks” designed by Arfaq. The pair were privately sold to Michael Jackson and MJJ Productions for £23,850 in November 1996.

Made from platinum and 18ct yellow and white gold, the V2 cufflinks are adorned with sapphires and diamonds, and individually hallmarked and numbered.

The V2 Cufflinks are presented in a handcrafted Burr Elm case. Each tailor-made case is lined with contrasting scarlet red suede. Each case bears the individual number and recipients name on a 24ct gold plate. With production limited to 7 pairs only, this makes it an extremely rare piece of jewelry.

Source by Susan Dolan

Make Life Easier Through Membrane Switch

Many people do not realize membrane switch technology made it possible for companies to develop more convenient gadgets. You will find that computer keyboards, microwaves and similar devices work on the same technology. Likewise, if you plan to transform your business operations and production, consider trying the said solution. Learning more about the technology and its capabilities should help you realize its value.


To put it simply, membrane switches use thin layers of switches or buttons. Instead of the bulky button functions, these switches are easier to control. One example is the switch panel found in microwave ovens. The flat panel or keyboard makes it easier to operate the microwave. You can easily press buttons for turning off, on, or heating. Another advantage of a this is its flexible design. Product engineers can do different designs and functions. You can customize the flat panel according to your needs and preferences. The design of the switch provides a more convenient way to finish tasks.

The membrane switch panel has three layers. The top layer is the access part of the keyboard. This makes up the front panel where you can see the keyboard labels. Each label corresponds to a button function. The next layer, the spacer layer, separates the top and bottom layers. It also prevents direct contact and electrical problems between the two players. The back layer features conductive stripes. These translate the command from the keyboard panel to the internal system of the device. When you touch a switch or function on the panel, you push the front and spacer layer. You also push the back layer to close the circuit.

Edge over Other Switches

Membrane switches offers a softer feel compared to mechanical switches. As the switch is more sensitive, users can easily change functions or shift switches. You can change operations and complete tasks without exerting much effort. The switch is also leak and water proof. This makes the technology ideal for businesses operating with harmful components in harsh environments.

Membrane switch manufacturers did not just focus on business equipment. These days, more people use assistive technology using this. The technology has been instrumental in assisting individuals with physical, cognitive, and visual disabilities. You can also find membrane switches in other devices like remote controls, air conditioners, and television. Membrane switches also have a low profile, are easy to clean, and lessen sealing difficulty.

Present-Day Switches

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can find manufacturers customizing devices and other equipment with membrane technology. Talk to the product engineer for special configurations on the machine and keyboard panel. Find a manufacturer with tailoring services. Overhauling your operations and devices with membrane technology can be one of the best investments you can do. Examine the past works or contracts of the provider. This should give you an idea on their level of service. Search for customer reviews and ratings to ensure nothing can go wrong.

Source by Isaac Bishop

Dont Buy the Columbia Bugaboo II Dome Tent Before Reading This Review!

The Bugaboo II dome tent sleeps five people. It’s very spacious for your family of five and not only is it spacious, but it also has a Cyclone venting system and a GoBe Dry rain protection system. The Bugaboo II dome tent’s ventilation system is just great for you, mainly because you just love to feel cool and comfortable when you are inside your tent. With the Bugaboo II dome tent’s ventilation, you will enjoy cool, calm and serene days even on a warm summer day. And now you may be thinking what if the weather changes and it begins to rain? Luckily the Bugaboo II dome tent has GoBe dry, the ultimate rain protection system. You are now reassured that there will be no leakage, if it starts to pour outside. The rain can pour all night long, you and your family will be safe and dry inside, as the rain will not find its way inside your Bugaboo II dome tent.

You are still inspecting the dome tent and then you realize that the Bugaboo II dome tent only weighs twelve pounds. It also includes a large storage space, with two external lockers for storage, several internal pockets and a gear loft for packing your camping equipment, luggage or just your valuables. In your mind you are saying I still want to have my coffee, even when I’m camping, don’t worry, because you can drink your coffee and place the cups into the multiple cup holders which are available in the Bugaboo dome tent. These cup holders can also be used to keep warm coffee and your cold soft drinks, or beer bottles. The Bugaboo II dome tent is also very easy to setup, it also has a polyester taffeta body, rain fly and a Camp Port for your cable passage. These dome tents also come colored in a fossil, carbon and boa combination.

The Bugaboo II features a larger rain fly than its predecessor, something you will certainly appreciate when an unexpected storm rolls through your campsite. Furthermore, the entire tent takes advantage of the GoBe Dry rain protection system. Staying dry is one of the most important elements in enjoying a safe and comfortable camping trip, and this system ensures that no water sneaks into the tent to threaten this. Adding to the comfort of this tent is the Cyclone venting system which is designed to keep fresh air circulating throughout the tent. The extra airflow provided by this feature will come in handy on a stuffy, stifling summer night, or right after a downpour when all of your clothes and gear are soaked. Setting up the Bugaboo II is facilitated by color coded fiberglass poles and sleeves.

Let me show you what current owners have to say about it:

I must clarify one point here. I have used my tent many times and almost always it has been used during rainy conditions. In some cases the rain was coming down sideways. Each and every time I would sit and wonder when the water would start to make it’s way in through the window seams or zippers. Never Happened!! The only time water has made it into the tent was when a downpour blew from the back side of the tent and water seeped in through the seam where the “instructions” where sewn into the seam on the back window.

Source by Ding Jian Guang

Pre Listing Home Inspection – 7 Shocking Examples Show Why Home Sellers Need One

Over the last 10 years home sellers had it made. No need for inspections. If a buyer’s inspector found a problem, another buyer would come along. But that has changed. It is VERY difficult to get buyers into escrow now, and very easy to lose them if they find problems during their inspection. Here are true stories about issues that caused disasters ranging from large monetary losses for sellers to outright escrow cancellations. It is time for sellers to realize the value of the “Certified Pre Owned Home” services now available. A $300-$500 home inspection coupled with a home warranty can save the seller $1000s of dollars, make the buyer happier and help sell the home faster.

1. Listing says “Air Conditioned” but the home is not.

During the inspection, the buyer asked the inspector about the air conditioning. The inspector found that there is no air conditioning installed. The listing agent, when asked why the listing stated there is air conditioning, replied that the seller said there was. The air conditioning was important to the buyer, who works from home. The buyer attempted to negotiate a fair settlement from the seller to add air but the negotiation broke down and the sale was lost.

2. Home has serious construction defect.

Many homes are now built by builders as two on a lot or more. The home inspector saw that a balcony over the entry was tilted. When measured, it showed a slope to the east of over 2 inches in 4 feet. But there was no sign of distress in the stucco around the balcony. Inspection of the identical rear home showed that the same balcony was absolutely straight. The conclusion was that the builder had allowed the balcony to be finished even though it was at a tilt. The buyer dropped out stating “I was concerned that there might be other construction defects that were not as obvious.”

3. Bathroom sink has small water leak in tile counter top causing serious water damage.

Some defects are nearly undetectable. In this case, the dark tile on the counter and the rather stuffed cabinet concealed significant water damage. There was enough water to have caused the cabinet’s pressed wood base to expand, the shelf paper to discolor and some mold to start to grow on the paper. But there was no leak in the plumbing. Upon further inspection, it was found by the inspector that when water was splashed on the tile behind the faucet, it ran through small cracks in the tile grout and dripped to the back of the cabinet base. There was reason to expect that there was more moisture and mold under the cabinet base that could not be inspected. This finding, coupled with other troubling issues, caused the buyer to cancel.

4. Home has concealed earthquake damage.

A condo looked excellent from the street. The interior was in beautiful condition. Inspection of the plumbing under the sink, however, revealed a disturbing fact. The galvanized pipe drain that ran up from the bottom of the subterranean garage 3 stories below appeared to have raised up and smashed the drywall above it. Suspecting that this was impossible, the inspector recalled that this building had suffered damage from a powerful nearby earthquake. A closer look revealed that the floor had dropped 1-2 inches during that quake and not recovered and the ceiling had dropped along with the interior walls. Only the perimeter load bearing walls remained as built. The result was that the torn drywall was wall that had FALLEN onto the solid pipe. The damage was so extensive that the buyer dropped out.

5. Another listing without air conditioning.

This was a condo conversion and a very nice property. But again the listing said A/C but there was none. The buyer was, in this case, not as eager for the deal and used this as an excuse to drop out.

6. Hillside 1930’s home seller loses $200,000.

This home is on a hill and there were multiple retaining walls and tiered foundations that needed repair. There is no doubt that had the seller done a pre inspection, problems with the foundation could have been addressed for far lower cost by taking more time. But work was rushed because the home was in escrow and cost far more than necessary.

7. Lots of minor issues turn off first time buyer.

The buyer, a young lady looking for her first home, was put off by issues that were not individually that expensive, but they added up to a long list of problems she just could not cope with. Had the seller done a pre inspection and just done a little work this escrow would have closed.

Note: This article is copyrighted by the author but sellers, buyers, agents and other home inspectors are encouraged to copy and use this article as long as the author’s name and web site are kept with it.

Source by Kurt Shafer

Skills You Need to Restore a Classic Car

Restoring a classic car can be a scary topic for some people. There are a lot of different types of work that goes into a classic car restoration and most people are not skilled at all of them. When you break the process down into the types of repairs that go into your classic car restoration, it’s easier to come to grips with what you really can or can’t do yourself.

An accounting of your skills can help you decide how much work you can do yourself, and how much of the restoration work you should get done by a professional.

Your classic car restoration can be broken down into a few repair categories.

  • Knowing your car,
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Interior or upholstery work
  • Sheet metal or rust repair
  • Surface preparation and refinishing
  • Auto body and painting
  • Trim or molding repair and refinishing

Some of these categories are self explanatory. Allow me to clarify the ones that aren’t so obvious.

Knowing your car

Cars have always been available with options like sport trim packages, air conditioning, V8, 6 cylinder, or 4 cylinder engines, and the list goes on. As the car gets on in years, some of these options get removed from the vehicle, replaced with something substandard, or never replaced at all. Option codes and shop manuals are generally available for most American classic cars that detail this information.

Mechanical repairs

This covers a lot of what makes up a car and would be most of the moving parts. You’ll find the engine and transmission will need rebuilding, as well as all the regular maintenance repairs like brakes and suspension, and rebuilding components parts like starters, water pumps, and generators. Other components that rarely get considered are the under dash parts like heater or vent controls, window parts inside the doors, hinges, and latches. I’m only touching on the subject, but you get the idea.

Electrical repairs

Electrical can be the scariest of them all. On an old vehicle the sheathing on the wiring can be dry rotted, and cracked and brittle creating the risk of an electrical short. Switches wear out and even fall apart. On some vehicle where these parts are impossible to find, you’ll need to be creative and improvise by using parts from another vehicle make.

Interior or upholstery work

Cloth, vinyl, leather, threading, and stuffing or padding materials all dry rot over time and need to be replaced. Colors fade really bad as well.

Sheet metal or rust repair

Any metal made with iron will rust, even aluminum will oxidize and even disintegrate under the right conditions. The body sheet metal will need to be replaced or patched. This means knowing how to work with sheet metal, how to weld, and even how to shape metal.

Surface preparation and refinishing

Other than the exterior of the car body, there is a lot of sheet metal surface that will need to be stripped of old paint and surface rust, then prepared so it won’t rust anymore, then painted again. This includes the car frame, suspension parts, differential, fasteners and more.

Auto body and painting

Aside from the sheet metal work the exterior of the car body will need to be smoothed and painted. This is an enormous amount of work which is why it can be so expensive.

Trim or molding repair and refinishing

Classic car trim and molding was made mostly from metals. There are steel chrome plated parts, chrome plated pot metal parts, aluminum, stainless steel and even brass or copper. until recently, some parts can’t be fixed and re-plated, pot metal is on of those. In extreme cases, you’ll need to weld new metal into your trim or moldings, grind and sand them down, polish them and get them ready for re-plating.

That’s a lot to know how to do.

Luckily there are some really good how-to DVD’s available that cover all these topics. Even still you might want to specialize in only 2 or 3 of these skills, and get a professional to do the others.

Learning how to do something like this can be entertaining. Even you if you don’t plan on doing some of this work yourself, you’ll want to know how the work is done so you can recognize a job well done.

Source by Carl M King

Flat Roof Repair Made Easy

Flat roofs, like all other roofs, require regular maintenance. Minor damage on the surface of an asphalt or bitumen felt roof, e.g. splits and blisters can be easily repaired with a repair kit. Repairing a flat roof is not difficult even for complete beginners.

To deal with splits, first remove any chippings. Use a blow torch or hot air paint stripper to soften the roof covering so that you can scrape the chippings away. Then, before embarking on the actual repair work, clean the area and kill any moss and lichen with a fungicide or bleach. Take care when cleaning because the effectiveness of any repair work will depend on the adhesiveness of the surface when you apply any patches.

Use self-adhesive tape to repair the split. Most of them are suitable for use on all types of roof coverings. Fill a wide split with a mastic compound before taping. Apply the primer supplied over the area to be covered and leave for one hour. Peel off the protective backing of the tape and apply it to the primed surface. Where a short split has occurred along a joint, cover the whole line of the joint with tape. Press the tape down firmly and make sure that the edges are sealed.

Blisters in asphalt or felt roofs only need to be treated if they contain water or have caused the roof covering to leak. Press the blister to check if moisture is expelled. If so, it must be sealed with a patch.

To repair a blister in an asphalt roof, heat the area with a blow torch or hot air paint stripper. When it is soft, try to flatten the blister. If the blister is filled with moisture, cut the blister open and let the moisture dry out. Gently heat the asphalt again before pressing it back into place. Apply mastic into the opening before closing it. Finally cover the area with a patch of repair tape.

To treat a blister on a felt roof make two intersecting cuts across the blister and peel back the felt. You can heat the felt gently to make this easier. Clean the opening and let it dry. Then apply bitumen adhesive and when it has set a little, nail the covering back into place with galvanised clout nails. Finally, cover the repair with a patch of roofing felt glued on with bitumen adhesive or use repair tape. Cut the patch generously so that it laps all round.

A patched roof can be spruced up by applying a finishing coat of bitumen and chippings to create a more uniform surface area. If the surface covering has decayed you may have to re-cover the roof. However, a roof showing signs of general wear and tear can be brought back to life with a liquid waterproofing treatment. This consists of the cold application of a bitumen-based water proofer which is reinforced with a glass-fibre membrane. This should be done during warm and dry weather.

First clean the roof and kill any moss and lichen. Apply the first coat of water proofer with a broom and then lay the membrane into the wet material and stipple it with a soaked brush. Make sure the edges overlap by 5 cm or more and bed them down with water proofer. Apply three coats altogether. Let each coat dry before applying the next. Clean the brush with soapy water before each coating. When the last coat starts to set, cover it with fine chippings to provide a protective layer.

Repairing a flat roof is not difficult and within the capability of most people. By following the steps outlined above you can successfully repair a flat roof in very little time.

Source by Monika Ruthe

St Lucia Real Estate Tips: 5 Ways for Green Living on the Caribbean Island

St Lucia’s rich biodiversity and natural beauty play a significant role in the island’s culture and economy. The island’s 2 major industries, tourism and agriculture, both depend on sustainable environmental practices. In 2004 the Pitons were inducted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to their outstanding beauty and unique ecology. Environmental awareness is therefore a crucial part of life in St Lucia. Every human interaction with nature leaves behind an indelible fingerprint. When building a home in St Lucia you should be vigilant to minimize the impact on the environment. Here are 5 easy ways in which you can do so.

Do not clear land indiscriminately. Before starting construction, consider how your home will impact the tree cover in the area. St Lucia is a heavily vegetated country. The prevalence and variety of trees is one of the things which makes the island unique. Save as many mature trees as possible. Incorporate existing foliage into the design and layout of your house. This ensures that the island remains green. Mature trees also add majesty and beauty, while keeping a property cool.

Use renewable energy. Sunlight and wind are two of St Lucia’s most abundant natural resources. It is now possible to have one’s home completely powered by solar panels and wind turbines. Whether you use wind, solar or a combination of the two depends on the location of your home. For instance, home sites on the island’s east coast have a constant Atlantic breeze, and are well placed to utilize wind power. While solar or wind power will increase your construction costs, it will eliminate utility bills in the future. In St Lucia, electricity is the most costly utility and the savings will add up in the long run. Renewable energy also reduces the burning of fossil fuel and helps to keep the air clean while reducing the island’s carbon footprint.

Harvest rain water. St Lucia has approximately 2000 mm of annual rainfall. Using drainage systems, it is easy to collect rainwater, which is stored in tanks or underground cisterns. This helps conserve the island’s public water supply. It also ensures that you have a backup if there are shortages after a hurricane.

Maximize natural ventilation to minimize cooling costs. In St Lucia, air conditioning units are major culprits when it comes to high energy usage. Keeping your house naturally cool will significantly reduce your consumption of electricity. High ceilings, large windows, insulated roofs and cross ventilation are just a few ways in which your house can be designed to remain cool. Many homes in St Lucia are located on elevated hillsides where there is a constant breeze. A well ventilated house can eliminate (or at least greatly reduce) the need for air conditioning. (Besides the practical benefits, high ceilings and large windows are great for admiring those amazing St Lucian vistas!)

Grow a kitchen garden. Gardens flourish in St Lucia’s rich, volcanic soil and tropical weather. It is common for backyards to be laden with tropical foods such as mangoes, guavas, dasheen or breadfruit. Eat your own organic, delicious fruit, vegetables and herbs grown right in your back yard! Once you’ve gotten your garden started it’s easy to maintain. The prevalence of backyard gardening helps ensure the island’s food security and preserves the indigenous foliage. The rewards are delicious and good for both you and the environment!

These are just a handful of ways to live a nature friendly lifestyle if you have decided to buy St Lucia real estate. The island is loved for its lush, green beauty. Everyone in the country must play their part to maintain this. Cautious real estate development can enhance rather than diminish the island’s natural environment. Energy efficiency is also a great investment as it will make your home more appealing to buyers should you ever decide to sell.

Source by Andray Volney

Detailed Information About AC Repair Services

An air conditioner is an expensive appliance that is used in every household. AC’s act as life saviors during the scorching summer months and therefore, require regular maintenance. However, in case your AC has started to struggle in the absence of maintenance, then it is time to utilize the services of an air conditioning repair company. You will be glad to know that some of the best AC repair companies are located in the Miami and Palm Beach neighborhoods. If you are dwelling in the same towns, and are in search of the services of a repair company, then a quick browse along the Internet will save time. You can also take recommendation from friends, family and co-workers who may have approached the services of a repair company. This will help you in choosing a good service provider for your needs.

It is recommended to utilize the services of an air conditioning repair firm that has earned credibility and reputation for its top quality work. The repair firm must also have a team of experienced professionals who have a vast experience in the repairing domain. An experienced professional will be able to identify the issue in the AC unit. Clients can easily benefit from AC Service that has been operating in the area for a long time. Most of the repair companies utilize branded spare parts in the AC unit to ensure that the machine continues to perform flawlessly for years to come. You can enjoy the cool breeze of AC and spend your summer months in comfort with the help of experienced service professionals.

While hiring an air conditioning repair firm, it is recommended to check the license of the firm. The repair company must be state licensed to operate their business. Air conditioning firms must also have experienced and insured professionals at their disposal, to make sure that you get the best quality services every time. There are many repair companies that provide 24 hours service to their clients. These firms are well equipped to handle any emergency cases that arise. If you are worried about the cost involved in repairing, these services can put you at ease. You can easily get hold of some of the best repair firms online.

An excellent air conditioning repair firm will provide maintenance services to their clients for commercial and residential needs. You can schedule the regular maintenance of the systems as well to check for any leaks or broken parts or pipes. They will clean the filters as well as vents to make sure that the air conditioner is working effectively. You can also benefit from their air duct cleaning services available at an affordable price range. You can enjoy the excellent repairing and maintenance services of the company at very economical prices. With the help of experienced professionals, you can make sure that your air conditioning unit is working perfectly, while preventing exceeding consumption of energy. Energy wastage is not just bad for the environment, but will also raise your energy bill. You now have an opportunity to counter this.

Source by Sergio Amaya